The French property buying process

The property buying process in France

The property buying process in France is rather different, and I suppose a lot simpler than in the UK.

The things that you will need to know can be broken down as follows;


A lot of people buy property in this area of France without having any formal building survey. You can, however, get French property surveys done by an RICS qualified surveyor based in the Languedoc.

Termite, Asbestos and Lead Surveys

Dependant upon the departement and its rules you may be provided with a vendor-commissioned report or “expertise” upon the presence in the property of termites, you will get one on asbestos almost always, and if the property is old, you will probably get one on lead, particularly within paint. Read all about French termite surveys here as well as detailed information on Asbestos and Lead surveys.

Energy Efficiency Survey

This report called the DPE has been required since the 15th September 2006 and its purpose is to enable you to compare the cost of heating and cooling the house that you are buying or renting with other properties.

Natural Disaster Risk Survey

This report is called the "Etat des Risques Naturels et Technologiques" and has had to be provided to all buyers and tenants since the 1st June 2006. It basically tells you if the property (with or without buildings) is within an area where there is a risk of a natural or technological disaster or accident.

The Contract

Once you’ve found your ideal property and have negotiated your price, buying French property systems dictate that the next step is for the sales contract or “Compromis de vente” to be drawn up.

The Notaire

The role of Notaires in France is subtly different from appointing a Lawyer in the UK. This article will give you an overview of the role of the Notaire and how it differs from that of a UK Lawyer.

The Lawyer

English French lawyers are sometimes used in addition to a Notaire by people buying property in France. A good French Lawyer can be very useful.

French Mortgages

French Mortgages are becoming more and more popular for people buying property in France. Read our article to find out all you need to know to make the process of applying for a Euro Mortgage simple and stress free.


Connecting to electricity in France is pretty straightforward, and if you’re using Languedoc Property Finders’ “Platinum” service is all taken care of for you. If you'd rather do it yourself, this article will show you how.


Connecting to water in France is a lot more local than you’ll find in the UK. You need to find out where your local office is and go and see them. If you'd rather do it yourself, this article will show you how.


Connecting to gas in France is slightly different to connecting to gas in the UK. This article will tell you what you need to know and where you need to go in order to get yourself connected to a gas supply.


The process of connecting a telephone line in France is pretty straightforward as long as you have all the relevant paperwork. Languedoc Property Finders can help you with this or you can use this article to do it yourself.

Currency Exchange

For those of you going through the excitement of buying a property abroad there are certain elements that you should not ignore. One of these is foreign currency exchange.

Property Management

Languedoc Property Management is something that we are always being asked about. "What's the best way to look after my property while I'm not in France?" The answer is simple. Follow this link to read all about our Languedoc Property Management services.

French Estate Agents

Estate agents in France operate slightly differently from estate agents in the UK. The main difference is the lack of the Sole Agency agreements that we are so used to in the UK. This article will tell you more about estate agents in France

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