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Property in Andorra La Vella - A Guide to Andorra La Vella

Property in Andorra La Vella is not cheap. In the prime parts of Andorra La Vella you could be paying as much as €750,000 for a 3 bedroom apartment of around 120 sqm.

You can of course find things much cheaper in other parts of Andorra and even in the main town of Andorra La Vella you can still buy a whole 3-4 bed townhouse for between €350-400,000.

Property prices are high in Andorra La Vella for a number of reasons. The fact that Andorra remains a tax haven obviously helps although this could change with the new EU Tax Directive that has just come into force.

The other reason that Andorra La Vella is so expensive is because it is such a beautiful place to live. Low taxes and low crime are a great start but beautiful scenery, skiing and a diverse population top everything off.

The resident population of Andorra La Vella is just over 20,000 but each year the whole Andorra area receives in the region of 9 million tourists.

There are plenty of high quality Hotels in Andorra La Vella but a lot of people prefer to take their holidays in a home from home. If you are thinking about making a serious investment in property in Andorra de La Vella then should have no problem letting the property to high quality guests throughout the year.

Our Top Tip for Andorra La Vella Property

Most of the restaurants, bars and shops are concentrated in and around a small area of the town. If holiday letting is your aim then try and buy your property within walking distance of these facilities.

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