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Beziers property is not too dissimilar to that in Montpellier. That is to say that in the centre you’ve got a lot of large period buildings that have either been purpose built as apartments or have been converted from large family houses into apartment buildings.

For those of you who’ve visited Paris, you’ll see a similarity in the large apartment blocks located on one of the main streets in Beziers, the Allée Paul Riquet. These buildings are set above the shops, with sometimes quite grand front doors with large entrance halls leading up to the many floors. These apartments often retain the large proportions of the original layouts, having not been sub-divided too much.

These apartments can still be found for reasonable prices, often seeming cheaper than other parts of the Languedoc, closer to Pezenas.

Away from the main streets, Beziers property could be described as smaller town houses and typical Languedoc village houses. Often needing work, it’s not impossible to find a small apartment for sale in the region of 40,000€. But for this price, don’t expect luxuries such as a roof terrace. Instead, expect to have to do a lot of renovation.

On the outskirts of the centre, Beziers property consists of more modern built town houses and villas. Often with small gardens. These also seem to be a bit cheaper that other properties to the east.

Beziers has smartened itself up in the last ten years, with a fair amount of work being done to its main shopping centre around the Allée Paul Riquet. You can now find lots of boutique style shops as well as bars and coffee houses which makes wandering around the centre of Beziers rather pleasant.

The beach at Valras Plage is only 16km away from the centre of Bezier, while Beziers’s own airport is only 14km. As yet there are no flights between Beziers and the UK, although this is always being talked about, and it’s surely only a matter of time before one of the budget airlines stake a claim there. Until then you’ll have to settle for Montpellier airport or Carcassonne airport. Both of which can be reached within an hour of the motorway exit at Beziers.

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