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By David Worthington - Senior Account Executive

For and behalf of Foremost Currency Group.

For those of you going through the excitement of buying a property abroad there are certain elements that you should not ignore. One of these is exchanging your hard earned Pounds for Euros.

The vast majority of you would have negotiated hard for a good deal on your property saving hundreds if not thousands on the Euro price you need to pay. What is often neglected is the exchange rate at which you purchase your Euros at and more often than not those savings you negotiated for are thrown away by ignoring the fact that there are Specialist Currency Brokers who can save you more.

Companies such as The Foremost Currency Group are there to take away the stress and strain of watching those exchange rates, acting like a second pair of eyes, securing your Euros on the peaks of the market and not at the troughs!!

With Sterling Euro levels moving as much as five percent over the last six months it isn’t difficult to see the difference a £100,000 property would cost if you bought at the highs and not the lows: £5,000!!

It is important to recognise that yes, you can just use your bank, but remember you are not buying at commercial levels of exchange. Banks deal with all manner of products whilst The Foremost Currency Group solely deals with Currency transactions. You will be allocated one account manager to look after not only the exchange of your currency, but the safe onward transmission of those funds, within your time scales.

There are many factors that will influence which direction the market will move and the brokers at The Foremost Currency Group are able to indicate to clients what these factors are. For example, Interest rate movements often have a severe effect on the rate of exchange. Therefore, with The Bank of England looking to raise interest rates in the coming months and the ECB looking to raise rates as well, we are expecting a steady deterioration of the Sterling/Euro market over the coming months thus making your dream property cost you more than it needs to.

By using a broker, we can match the various methods of purchasing currency to your needs ensuring you maximise what you can get from the markets at any given time, eg Spots, Forward Time Options, Stops and Limits. Call today for a no obligation chat and speak to one of our experienced brokers.

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David Worthington
Senior Account Executive
For and on behalf of
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