French electricity connections

Connecting electricity in France

Connecting to electricity in France is a pretty straight forward affair. Electricity in France is provided by EDF. EDF is a state monopoly and in France, consumers have no choice in this area

The easiest way to connect your electricity in France is to visit your nearest EDF office. To find out where your nearest EDF office is you can either ask at the Mairie (Town Hall), or click here to go to the EDF website. When the page loads, look for the pink box entitled “Votre Agence” in the bottom right corner of your screen. Just fill in the name of the town or village and you should be presented with details of your nearest office. I tried it loads of times for loads of different villages but it didn’t work every time. Remember, when in doubt, ask at the Mairie.

Once you’ve signed up for your new account your first bill will be sent to the UK if your house is your secondary residence. Make sure you pay your bill straight away as the EDF are not as tolerant with late payers as the UK providers. They will want you to pay by direct debit but if you’d rather pay by cheque that’s fine.

You may need to increase the supply to the house if you find that you keep tripping fuses. Don’t worry. This is perfectly normal and the EDF will happily come along and make the change for you.

If your meter is inside the house and you use the house for holidays and to rent out, then you might want to consider having a small external device fitted that will allow the EDF to take a reading without the need to enter the house. This costs around 70€ and can be a really good idea.

Electricity in France is 220 volts compared to 240 volts in the UK. Having lived in France since 2001 and brought many electrical appliances over from the UK I can confirm that they all work so there is no need to buy new, unless you want to.

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