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Buying a property in France is very different when it comes to surveys. In the UK pretty much everyone has a survey. You either have a basic Valuation survey to satisfy your lending source that the property is a safe bet for them to lend money on, or you have a full structuaral survey which reports on the state of the property so you can see just where you’re going to have to spend money once you’ve bought it.

When you buy property in France the lending source doesn’t always request a survey. In France, a lot of emphasis is placed upon honour. Therefore, if you tell the bank that the house is worth the money, they believe you. Perhaps for this reason, it is the norm in France, certainly in the Languedoc, not to have a structural survey if you're not taking out a mortgage. The most that seems to happen is that people either have a builder take a quick look or they do nothing.

Languedoc property surveys are available by specialist companies within the Languedoc region. Languedoc Property Finders work with companies who are RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) qualified and are residents in the Languedoc. They offer a variety of reports such as a verbal report, a bullet point report, a full written report or any combination of the above to suit your budget and requirements. I’ve heard of UK based surveyors who can fly over and carry out a survey for you but to be honest you can’t get better than asking advice from someone who actually lives there.

If you’d like details of surveyors in the Languedoc then contact us and tell us what area your property is in and we’ll see what sort of discount we can negotiate for you with an RICS qualified local surveyor.

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