Connecting to gas in France

Gas supply in France

Connecting to gas in France is rather different from connecting to a gas supply in the UK. I cannot speak for the whole of France, but in the Languedoc, not all villages have piped town gas. But don’t worry. If you’re a big fan of using gas in the home all is not lost.

The first thing you need to do is find out if your village has a town gas supply. This is simply a case of asking at the Mairie (Town Hall).

If your village does have a gas supply then connecting up is as simple as going along to your local office and filling in the relevant paperwork. You will need to take your “Attestation de Proprieté” with you. This is a legal document produced by the Notaire when you buy a property in France and basically says that you are the new owner of that property. You might need to take your passport as well.

If your village doesn’t have a gas supply and you’re worried because you love to cook with gas but hate to cook with electricity, don’t worry. All you need to do is connect your gas oven or hob up to a gas bottle. This is the system I have at home and it’s no problem. Our oven and hob both run off the gas bottle and the only down side is having to allocate a single kitchen cupboard for storing the bottle. The bottle currently cost us 23€ and lasts for about 5 months. My parents have an electric oven and gas hob, which is also run off a bottle. Their bottle lasts them nearly a year.

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