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Property in Marseillan - A Guide to Marseillan

The village of Marseillan is one of the nicest in the Languedoc. With it’s old town and it’s small fishing port, it is a charming example of real world life in the south of France.

Properties such as Residence Rive Gauche offer rare waterside opportunities with views over the Etang de Thau.

You can almost split Marseillan property into two groups. Those properties in the heart of the village and those properties around the port.

The reason for this is that around the port in Marseillan you can find some very interesting properties that simply don’t exist in the rest of the village. Properties such as converted barns, factories or distilleries. I know of one couple who bought an old wine storage cellar and have converted it into the most amazing family residence you could imagine. Complete with terrace and views across the Etang de Thau.

The Etang de Thau is a 20km long inland sea that is home to hundreds of local mussel and oyster producers. In his television programme “French Odyssey” Chef Rick Stein hails the oysters and mussels from the Etang de Thau as some of the best he has tasted the world over. Perhaps this is why Marseillan property with views across the Etang carries a heavy premium? Personally I think it’s more to do with the wonderful views that are on offer as you look out across the water towards Sete and further still to North Africa.

The archetypal French village house is also alive and well in Marseilan. Weather you’re looking for a tiny pied a terre with one room on each of three floors or a larger Maison de Vigneron. This larger type of house is very typical of the Languedoc. Usually over three floors, the ground floor will offer a large garage, where the Vigneron (Wine Maker) would typically store his machinery. A lot of these garages still have the large concrete wine cellars in place. The first floor is where the main living accommodation will be, while the top floor is often an unconverted attic area. These attics are usually massive spaces with potential to create as many as four extra bedrooms. Gardens in this type of house are not guaranteed so you’ll have to be specific when searching. And when looking for your Marseillan property, don’t forget that if you want to remove these large concrete wine cellars you’ll have to employ a professional to do it. They’re reinforced and are often an integral part of the building’s fabric.

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