Connecting a telephone line in France

French telephone connections

Connecting a telephone line in France is a matter of going, in person to your nearest France Telecom office. But bear in mind that In order to connect a telephone line in France you must have a French bank account.

In order to find you’re nearest France Telecom office click here to go to the France Telecom website. Here you can choose which departement of the Languedoc your house is in and it will provide you with a list of all the France Telecom offices in that departement.

When you go to your local France Telecom office you will need to take with you.


1. Your passport.

2. An RIB from your French bank account.

3. The address of the property.

4. A copy of your “Compromis de Vente” or “Attestation de Proprieté”.


If the house already has a telephone line supplied to it then opening a new connection in your name should be quite quick and will cost around 50€. If there is no existing line to the house and a new one needs to be run this will take a bit longer and will cost closer to 100€.

A small difference to the telephone system in the UK is that in France you’re billed every two months rather than every month.

While you’re in the France Telecom office you can also arrange your internet connection.

Once you've connected your phone line you might like to have a look at UK Telecom At the moment they are about the cheapest way of phoning the UK from France. It's easy to set up an account and there's no awkward code to dial before each call.

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